Granulated sea salt 100% natural

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We invite you to meet us and know our products of sea salt. We have two products; original salt and Light salt (20% less sodium).
Here on our website you can learn more about our products (sea salt) and acquire them through an online purchase, we make sure it reaches the door of your home. Just choose one of 3 packages we offer for sale and complete the purchase process.


Original Salt

Obtained from the Sea of Cortez through a process of natural solar evaporation.

The pure sea salt like ours, contains 84 elements important to human health. In addition it is much more pleasant to the palate than processed salt.

Light Sal

Sea salt with 20% less sodium through a totally natural process of solar evaporation. Without any industrial process for sodium reduction.

Its healthier, because it is low in sodium and serves for cooking, seasoning and brings the same flavor of the original sea salt to your table.